Nebraska Fall Flyover

21 Aug

Fall Flyover 2014, coming to a course near you. Visit the forum for details.

CornHuckers Episode 3! with special effects

25 Jul

CornHuckers Episode 2 – YoungGuns and State Games predictions

9 Jul

Lots of exciting things happening in NE Disc Golf. This episode:
Upcoming Events/Event Recap/YoungPlayers/Trivia/StateGames Predictions

Kearney Results:
McCook results:
Mahoney XL C Tier:…

Trivia: Who do you think will win the NE state games? Comment on our FB!


Events and Tournaments?

20 Jun


Discuss on FB and try the trivia question


Nebraska’s Best Disc Golfer?

8 Jun

Watch the Pilot Episode of CornHuckers. A new Vlog bringing you info and stories about things related to Nebraska Disc Golf.

Ryan’s full in the bag is HERE


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