Blizzard Ape of Plum Creek

11 Mar
Blizzard Ape of Plum Creek

The Blizzard Ape of Plum Creek
has only been seen in blizzard conditions.

Friday I sat at Roper Park in Lincoln selling discs for the club and promoting the Spring and Summer Saturday Morning League. At least 60 people were playing this wonderful afternoon. On Saturday it’s not as warm and we could sense a storm was coming. At Tierra Park the ground was damp and a little muddy in places during the afternoon round of nine holes.

Then comes the Seward, Lincoln, Ashland Ice Man, err, Iron Man. A tournament on three courses of 18 holes, 27, and 18 with a round trip driving distance of about 90 miles from home. Sunday morning at 5:30am while lying in bed I could hear what sounded like small slush balls hitting the roof and side of the house. No, wait, it’s the first day of Daylight Saving Time and actually 6:30am, ugh. Get up now and drive thirty minutes to Seward for disc golf at sunrise? Then another splash of slush slams against the house and the dog barks.

Plum Creek Park, 8:00am, a couple inches of snow on the ground, temperature 31°f and dropping, dew point 31°f,  barometric pressure rising, wind from the north at 26mph gusting to 40mph and the visibility is … most of the fairway. TWO MINUTES! I can only imagine those brave souls. “Hey, where’s the tee pad?”, followed by “It’s around here somewhere, let’s just make a line in snow and throw.”

Meanwhile back at home during the mid morning I head out with the snow blower to clear the driveway. The blower is small thing but can chomp through 8″ of snow. Needed to take double passes in some areas because the snow drifts were already higher than the lip of the snow blower. This will be the first pass of a double pass day with the blower. Wonder how the Ice Man tournament is proceeding?

The tournament was cancelled after the first of three stops due to hazardous travel conditions. Good thing to because the Interstate closed in the afternoon. Pictures start appearing on Facebook. Later in the day the message forum for lost discs light up with reports of missing discs. “Blue z force with bomb-omb dye on the left side of hole 12’s fairway. It’s gotta be there, just covered by snow”, and “Lost my red gold line villain. Wind carried it towards the creek edge by the basket.” And as lost disc messages goes this is my new favorite: “Pink nuke OS on hole 2, green star destroyer hole 3, blue blizzard ape on 14ish all at Plum Creek.”

These are the stories where legends begin. As you’re gathered around the campfire this summer, or at a glow tournament, this story is for the disc golfers. He has only been seen during blizzard conditions, and he snatches golf discs from unsuspecting players; beware the blizzard ape of Plum Creek.

Notice the long claw like fingers for throwing golf discs.

As the story continues finish each line with: beware the blizzard ape of Plum Creek…

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