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Joe Hyberger 3x Am State Champion

22 Jul


In 2001 ex-Lincolnite Joe Hyberger won the Advanced division of disc golf in the Cornhusker State Games and another time in 2003. A decade later Suitcase Joe, now living in Hastings, is again playing disc golf regularly. These days it’s with the CSG runner up Brandon Oatman, also of Hastings, and Sr Grandmaster gold medalist Steve Stump of Grand Island along with the many other dedicated disc golfers in the Tri-City area.

In the second round of the CSG Joe scored the round record with a 47. This put him just one back of the leader, his relative Jay Thompson. Jay led with a combined score of 100 at the end of day one. There were twenty-three players in the advanced division and a total of eighty-six competitors for the weekend.

To begin the final nine the top card of Advanced Ams was selected. It includes Brandon Oatman and Joe Hyberger with a 157, Jacob Barber with a 159 and the amazing Sr Grandmaster playing in the advanced group for a second year in a row, Brad Ramsay at 160.

All four scored three on hole one, a good warmup hole for what was to come. On hole two Jacob got a bogey, this put him and Brad three back of Brandon and Joe with seven holes to go. Hole three Jacob and Joe scored birdies. On hole five, the long 2,100 foot South Side Monster shooting tee six to the practice basket, there was score seperaton. Brandon with 8, Joe 9, Jacob 10, Brad 12. By this time Brad had hit the wall on the hot and humid day and was not able to work through it in the remaining four holes.

Onto hole 8, the reverse snowman starting at the white tee 1 and passed a mando of two trees then across the creek and on to basket 27. To begin Brandon gets snagged in a tree and has a beautiful second shot landing in the center of the sidewalk to cross the bridge. Joe makes the mando on the drive and lands left, no chance of clearing the bridge on the next shot. Jacob and Brad are both lined up well for their second shot to clear the bridge. With three of the players across the creek it’s Joe’s turn. He sees a very small gap and pushes one through, gets a slight deflection but ends up pin high in two. His next shot was memorable too, a slight air-bounce run that skips across the rim of the basket for a drop in four. Hole eight ends with Brandon at 191, Joe 191 and Jacob 191. Brad is sitting at 199 and ready for that ice cold beer.

On hole 9, a longer version of 2 white, Brandon, Joe and Jacob all score 3. Time for a sudden death playoff. Chris Oien, an assistant tournament director who had a hand in designing the final 9, announces the playoff will be from the playground to the practice basket. If scores are the same after that the next hole is a repeat of hole 8, the reverse snowman. Repeat those two until places are decided. From the tee Jacob takes a risky shot right towards the basket which must clear the brush along Lynn Creek. His drive hits an iron leaf and lands in the water. The others clear the bridge gap and have an upshot to the basket. Brandon has a low ceiling and barely clips it forcing the disc down, Jacob is throwing out of the creek. Joe lands his upshot inside the 10 meter circle of bricks around the practice basket then at his turn calmly makes the putt for the win!

2013 Cornhusker State Games Final Nine Course Layout

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Ultimate Disc Store Changes Name, Focuses on Disc Golf

13 Jul

Ultimate Disc Store has acquired the web domain and has changed their name to Disc Store.

The company which was started in 2008 specializes in products for disc golf and Ultimate Frisbee. Disc Store dropped Ultimate from their name to ensure customers that they’re not just an Ultimate company, but have a full line of disc golf and other disc sport products.

The change was also made to a shorter name to make it easier to say, spell, and find online as disc golf continues to grow at an incredible rate.

“Disc golf has an estimated 8 to 12 million people who have played, and more and more people are giving it a try,” said Chris Whirrett, President and CEO of Disc Store. “It’s important for us to have a recognizable name as we work to grow our business and the sports that we love.”

Since 2008 Disc Store has grown to eight employees serving thousands. All eight employees play disc golf regularly and two are PDGA professionals. Whirrett attributed the growth of Disc Store to the continuous growth of disc sports and to Disc Store’s commitment to having the lowest prices and best service.

To celebrate the launch Disc Store will be giving away 100 items to 100 winners on their Facebook page. Items will include water jugs, decals, bottle openers, hats, discs, and other prizes. Disc Store will carry a greater selection of merchandise and will offer custom printed jerseys for leagues and events. They offer high quality material with in-house printing at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Disc Store is prepared to meet the needs of experienced and beginning disc golf players alike, and encourage players to look to them as a leader as disc golf continues to grow exponentially.


To learn more about Disc Store or disc sports, please contact
4507 S. 119th Cir, Omaha, NE 68137