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Fall Flyover Across Nebraska

9 Aug

Have a look at these locations and click the region title (North, East, South, Central) to see the forum discussion.

North East South Central
 Contact Zach Nickolite Aaron Brooker Steven Schneider Clayton Brown
15-Sep Stanton Blair Lincoln – Tierra Park Gibbon
22-Sep Columbus, Pawneee Park Plattsmouth Beatrice Grand Island
29-Sep Norfolk Skyview Mahoney Chain Challenge Mahoney Chain Challenge Minden
6-Oct Wayne Oakland Fairbury Hastings
13-Oct Columbus – Community College Ashland Waverly Holdredge
20-Oct Norfolk, Tahazouka Omaha – Hummel Seward Kearney – Cotonmill Park
2-Nov    *****     Nebraska Disc Golf Hall of Fame Triples     *****

The Fall Flyover is going global this year. Well, close. We’re crossing most of the state. Coming to 24 courses and putting $$ back in your local scene.

Every Sunday afternoon, bring your friends, ascend a small town course and compete in the 2nd annual statewide league. $10 entry. 18 holes. Starts at 2. This is a PDGA sanctioned league, which will net you a round rating but you do not have to be a PDGA member to play.

Joining the tour is optional and not required for weekly play. You may register at the Disc Store. The $15 tour registration includes:

  • Reusable Scorecard
  • Challonge Entry
  • State Wide Bag Tag
  • Custom Disc Storage Box
  • Flyover Mini
  • Access to all of your Leagues Ace Fund, rather than the week you attend
  • Preference to Hall of Fame Triples Event

$1 of every entry, every week goes back to your local disc golf scene. With your help, I believe this can be $100 every week for Nebraska Disc Golf!

Ad packs and posters have been sent out to the smaller towns. Having a disc golf course in town is an asset to the community and the Flyover is a great opportunity to show our appreciation.

Bag Tags
These tags are very cool. There is one set that is distributed proportionately to each region, so don’t be discouraged if you have a low number. Tag challenges are with Tour Registrants on a PER CARD BASIS. Not with everyone at league that day. Please trade tags if you lose to another tag holder during the week. JOIN THIS FB GROUP to win prizes based on your current tag. These tags have a surprise that will be a lot of fun. There may even be a few personal messages on them. Ask around to find out.

Challonge Bracket
This is a statewide, double elimination bracket for Flyover Registrants.You must join the tour by Sept. 11th to be eligible for the Challonge Bracket. All Tag holders will be randomly placed in a bracket and winner will be decided by that weeks round rating. Will it be imperfect? Most likely. However, it will be a lot of fun competing against a guy from Hastings that you’ve never met. Double elimination should stretch this to six weeks or if you are matched up against Utterback early. No shows will be a loss. Honestly, not sure if this will work or not, but we’re going to try!

Custom Disc Box
We see a lot of people storing their discs in the trunk or a crate. These disc boxes will have a DiscStore logo on them and hold around 25 discs. We hope you find a good use for your discs with them.

Hall of Fame Triples
Please see other thread HERE for more information. This is a celebration of the Disc Golf year and also a time to honor the pioneers of Disc Golf in our state. Golf carts are still up in the air, but lunch is included and the land is way nicer than last year. The best part is(besides beer carts for some) you get to play with your friends all day! Please make plans to attend. The players packs are already looking fun.