Clowns Mouth at the Star City Shoot-out

22 Jun

In 1990 the Cornhusker Open began at the 9 hole course in Roper Park. To avoid confusion a few years later with the Cornhusker State Games, also played at Roper Park, the Lincoln Flying Disc Club decided to call the tournament the Star City Shoot-out and was dubbed the midwest’s friendliest tournament.

On many road maps the capital of each state is represented by a star. With the help of CB lingo of the early ’70s Lincoln became known as the Star City. Under direction of Mayor Helen Boosalis and the downtown beautification project there was a large star emblem made of brick installed in the pavement at the intersection of 13th St & O St. It can still be seen today.

Birdie 30 Disc Golf Pro Shop is presenting the tournament. Blue Blood Brewing Company has returned this year as a major sponsor. Studio 951 Architects is a sponsor too. And when viewing the tournament web page click the Sponsors and Lodging link then scroll to the bottom to see the nebdisc logo; this represents the $225 collected on behalf of the all the players from the BADGER Bash 8 in Beatrice last March. The Tierra Winter League is a tee sponsor, and members of the Lincoln Flying Disc Club have helped to prepare the grounds.

In addition to the PDGA B tier tournament on Saturday you can also choose play a single round C tier tournament on Friday, and a doubles tournament at Roper Park on Sunday.

The Shoot-out has been played at a few different locations within the Lincoln city limits. As last year, the tournament will be held at Pioneers Park. The course layout for the 2015 tournament combines elements seen about ten years ago in the Thrower’s Cup, some from the 2012 Shoot-out as well as the 2014 Shoot-out. With 21 holes there are certain to be new challenges for everyone. Looking at the course map there is an island hole and four drop zones for mandatory flight paths including one described as a clown’s mouth.

Tony Odem is the tournament director, see the Star City Shoot-out website for more information.


One Response to “Clowns Mouth at the Star City Shoot-out”

  1. nebdisc June 29, 2015 at 3:59 pm #

    Congratulations to Chris “Smitty” Smith for his third win at the Star City Shoot-out!

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