Course Sponsorship Opportunities Announced in Lincoln

25 Jul


The Lincoln Flying Disc Club is soaring into action. By taking action now you can make a difference in the sport of the future. Here are some clips from the sponsorship solicitation letter.

Project Overview
Lincoln Flying Disc Club in partnership with Lincoln Parks Foundation and City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation is growing the sport of disc golf in Lincoln by improving and making permanent disc golf courses at Max E. Roper Park in northwest Lincoln and Tierra Park in south central Lincoln. These courses will allow for recreational and competitive disc golf opportunities for visitors and local residents.

The two disc courses at Max E. Roper park will be able to accommodate nearly 1,000 disc golfers per day for recreational purposes, and more than 180 disc golfers during competitive events.

The first phase of the project for which sponsorships are being solicited, Roper East, is expected to be completed by Fall 2016 with a new kiosk, cement tee pads for a pro tee and amateur tee on each hole, hole signage, and new baskets. Roper West is expected to be completed by Fall 2017 with the same amenities. The scope of Tierra Park is not fully identified; however replacing the equipment on the current nine-hole disc golf course is expected to occur by Spring 2018.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Naming Rights – $40,000;  The (name) Disc Golf Complex at 2 courses (Max E. Roper East and West)
  • Naming Rights – $20,000;  The (name) Disc Golf Complex at Max E. Roper East
  • Ace – $10,000 (one available per course)
  • Albatross – $5,000
  • Eagle – $2,500
  • Birdie – $1,000
  • Par – $500
  • Caddy – $100, $75, $50, $25, $10

Roper East Project Overview

  • 36 Concrete tee pads
  • 19 New baskets (1 for putting circle)
  • 18 New metal & plexiglass tee signs
  • 3 New pin locations per hole
  • 1 New message board for all park activities

Timeline: (Dates are tentative)

  • August 14th: Move all baskets to Roper West.
  • Build concrete pad forms on site.
  • August 15th: Pour 17 tee pads.
  • August 16th: Pour 18 tee pads.
  • August 17th: Dig 18 holes for tee signs, 24 holes for pins.
  • August 18th: Pour concrete and install signs.
  • August 19th: Install sign graphics.
  • August 20th: Install landscaping around tee pads. August 21st: Install new baskets.
  • August?: Build new message board.

For full details see the Roper East Sponsorship Letter 2016.

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