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Nebraska Ice Bowls 2018

11 Jan


What is an Ice Bowl®? Ice Bowl® is a disc golf event held in January or February for fun and with a mission to increase local awareness of disc golf by raising charitable funds to combat hunger. The following three (more-or-less mandatory) Ice Bowl® Rules convey the spirit of Ice Bowl®:

  1. Under no circumstances, may an Ice Bowl® be cancelled or postponed because of weather conditions.
  2. No wimps or whiners are allowed.
  3. There are no excuses for not attending. Either be there or be called out as a wimp!

These are the dates and locations for Ice Bowls in Nebraska.

Date Location Name Tee Time TD
Sat-20 Jan Ashland, Mahoney SP Mahoney Ice Bowl 1:00 PM Zach Kelley
Sun-28 Jan Lincoln, Tierra Park Lincoln Ice Bowl 1:00 PM Andrew Chisholm
Sat-3 Feb Omaha, Seymour Smith Park OMDGA Ice Bowl 12:00 PM Mr. Bill
Sat-17 Feb Hastings, Lake H Hastings Ice Bowl 10:30 AM Darren Holzinger
Sat-24 Feb Grand Island, Stolley & LE Ray GI Ice Bowl 10:30 AM Darren Holzinger

The Nebraska Ice Bowl History says there has been over $27,000 contributed since 1991. This year the contributions go to:

It’s best to dress in layers for outdoor sporting activities in the winter. REI has some good information on the topic: Layering Basics

Stay warm but don’t sweat and come have some fun hucking discs in the winter for a great cause.

And here are some interesting record statistics.

Lifetime Total $11,937 Omaha As of 2/4/17
Daily Total $1,100 Omaha February 4, 2017
Pounds 950 North Platte February 28, 2010
Players 70 North Platte February 28, 2010
Low Temp 2F Omaha (’97) &
Grand Island (’06)
January 25, 1997 February 18, 2006
High Temp 57F Grand Island February 15, 2014
Snow Depth 24″ Omaha February 6, 2010
Oldest 27th annual Lincoln January 20, 1991