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Nebraska Tour 2018

23 Feb

After several years without a disc golf tour across Nebraska things are changing and competitors now have the opportunity to register for the Nebraska Tour organized by PDGA State Coordinator Nick Whited.

  • April 7 – McCook Open at Kelly Park in  McCook, a PDGA B tier. It’s a disc golf filled weekend in McCook with a glow tournament Saturday night and the DASAS Open Fundraiser C tier on Sunday.
  • May 26 – King of the Creek in Seward, C tier
  • June 9 – Heart City Throwdown in Valentine, C tier with lots of added cash advertised
  • July 14 – Omaha Ladies Open at Lake Cunningham Omaha Ladies only Tour Stop
  • July 14 – Dave Kimmel Memorial in Alliance, C tier
  • August 18 & 19 – A Call To Arms in Omaha
  • September 29 & 30 – Jekyll & Hyde in Norfolk
  • October 27 – Take the Lake at Lake Hastings in Hastings, B tier

Each player will be competing within their divisions they have registered. If you register for the tour as intermediate you will receive points only for tournaments competed in that division (this was voted on and decided by players of the state).

For Novice players: You will receive points in the Rec division if you register in an event where novice is not offered up. At a Tour event where there is no novice division, points will be weighted based on Rec scoring and applied to the Novice division scores.

How it works: You must have a tag in order to participate. 100% of entries go back to the players in one way or another. There is no skimming off the top or overhead taken away from entry fees.

Points: You will receive points based on your scoring in your division

1st = 1 point
2nd = 2 points
3rd = 3 points
4th = 4 points
and so on
Missed event = Last place + 1 point

There are 7 events total in the tour (ladies have a bonus tour event of their own)

3 of your worst finishes will drop off, this will allow for players to be a part of the tour and miss a few events for any reason. For players missing an event they will receive last place + 1 point to their score.

In the event that a player misses 4 events the 3 of the worst scores will fall off and the 4th (best of the worst scores) will be added to their total scores.

Payouts will be by division (determined by how many players buy tags in your divisions).

$5 of each tag will go to CTPs and prizes at each Tour Event


Lancaster Loop League 2018

9 Feb


League scores posted here:

Announcing the Lancaster Loop League for 2018. 1:30pm on Sundays, March 11 – May 13. Join anytime for $1, pay $5 each week, includes $1 rolling ace fund, 50¢ PDGA, 50¢ local club, which leaves $3 payout, and payouts are each week. This is really a series of mini-tournaments.

Ams get cash, does not effect Am status. PDGA membership not required but these are rated rounds and includes points.

March 11 at Tierra Park, then Roper, Malcolm, Branched Oak area 6 (new), and Waverly. Rotates through those locations again for a total of 10 weeks.

ACE FUND STARTS AT $108, funded by the Tournament Preview League last summer. Ace payouts are split evenly by the number of aces during the 10 weeks.