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In Good Hands

6 Mar

Nebdisc began as a means to promote disc golf in in Nebraska back in 2000 by Dustin Champlin. Andrew Chisholm joined the team in 2002 and Dustin had other interests a few years later. We provided timely news articles and blogs about events, held contests, and managed a message forum with over five million posts. There was also the nebdisc map to courses and course reviews, online event registration and a calendar of events. Some events had live video feeds during rounds using Periscope and later live updates using Twitter. These communication tools have become available by several other companies. As a result the need for nebdisc as a communication tool has waned. We will continue to look for a good home for the Nebraska Disc Golf Hall of Fame pages.

Recommendations for disc golf information in and around Nebraska currently include:

  • for events and course locations. The UDisc app is free and available for smart phones.
  • for tournaments and events
  • for course information
  • for sanctioned events and course locations
  • Facebook for communication with local disc golfers
  • The nebdisc calendar, which is a shared Google calendar you can subscribe too, will remain to be updated with information as it is received.

There have been several Nebraska startup companies over the decades and timing is everything for success. These are currently doing well and have a bright future:

As a promoter, it has been awesome to witness the growth of disc golf over the past 25 years. Thanks to all the players, tournament directors, state coordinators and course designers that have helped to lend helpful advice during the crusade. The sport has an amazing ability to adapt.

Tierra Park is near my home and will remain to have a weekly league, so come on over and let’s throw!


Andrew Chisholm, #19311