Want to see your event on the calendar, or listed on the league page? Send the information using one of these forms:

Tournament Promotion Form

League Promotion Form

Send us your comments, questions, suggestions, pictures of disc golf, disc golf related essays, or scientific papers, reviews of discs, baskets, courses, players. We even like articles on throwing techniques, stories about your disc golf trip. Anything! Just send it.

Several members of our group are associated with the Disc Golf Course Designers, Professional Disc Golf Association, PDGA Officials and Tournament Directors. We help design and install courses, and run tournaments.

The nebdisc community would like to thank Dustin Champlin and Jeff Weber for starting Nebdisc in 2000. The synergy continues with help from Andrew Chisholm, Tom Clements, Steve Stump and Aaron Brooker.

We offer advertising to help with the expense of the web domain and for promotional materials such as the nebdisc pencils. Merchandise contributions are mostly donated to tournaments and leagues. The rate is a very reasonable at only $75 per year, or $125 in merchandise. Advertise with us and your logo will have several thousand views in a year.

Nebdisc © 2000


Donate Button with Credit Cards

Looking for the nebdisc forums so you can read a 30 page debate about par? Well, here’s the link to the old yuku forums.



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