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Ice Bowl 2014

12 Dec


What is an Ice Bowl®? Ice Bowl® is a disc golf event held in January or February for fun and with a mission to increase local awareness of disc golf by raising charitable funds to combat hunger. The following three (more-or-less mandatory) Ice Bowl® Rules convey the spirit of Ice Bowl®:

  1. Under no circumstances, may an Ice Bowl® be cancelled or postponed because of weather conditions.
  2. No wimps or whiners are allowed.
  3. There are no excuses for not attending. Either be there or be called out as a wimp!

In Nebraska Ice Bowls are held to benefit the Food Bank of Lincoln (which serves southeast Nebraska), the Food Bank for the Hearthland in Omaha, and Project Hunger in Hastings, Hunters Helping Hungry in Ashland, and Project Hunger in Grand Island. Here is a story of the impact of contributions to Ben Rutkowski.


With the long tradition of Ice Bowl season going strong, it’s easy to see this as just another time to play golf and ‘do our part.’ For Nebraska Disc Golfer Ben Rutkowski, a charity event is more meaningful and attaches new life to the charity tradition.

Rutkowski, originally from Maine, moved to Omaha in 2012 for his wife’s job.


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