The Flyer Archive – Past Newsletters

21 Feb

The Flyer is the printed newsletter from the Lincoln Flying Disc Club about disc golf in the region. Select a link to view the pdf document.

Thanks to Kim Theesen for scanning the old newsletters and creating these PDFs.


August 1990 Interstate Disc Golf Course Now Open (Grand Opening with Mayor Harris)
August 1990 So Sez The Prez
August 1990 An Important Thank You
August 1990 For Your Information
August 1990 Where Is Interstate Park
August 1990 Disc Golf Course: A Two Year Project
August 1990 Spring Fever Victors
August 1990 The Logo (Baily Lewis and Associates)
August 1990 Anyone for some Freestyle
August 1990 Hole In One Club
August 1990 Watch Out for the Schwarz Disc
August 1990 Cornhusker Disc Golf Open (Star City Shoot-out)
August 1990 Membership
November 1990 Valley of the Sun: 1990 World Disc Golf Championship
November 1990 So Sez The Prez
November 1990 C.D. Takes 1st Cornhusker Disc Golf Open
November 1990 Freestyle by Rich Killough
November 1990 Ice Bolw Tournament (Announcement)
November 1990 Records for Best Shot Doubles
November 1990 Disc Golf Terms
November 1990 Dear Mr. Disc
November 1990 Debbie Sez
November 1990 Meeting Invitation
Spring 1991 Nebraska State Flying Disc Championships
Spring 1991 Disc Calendar of Events
Spring 1991 Clubhouse Design Project
Spring 1991 Finance Report of LFDC
Spring 1991 So Sez The Prez
Spring 1991 Dear Mr. Disc
Spring 1991 Minutes of March 4th Meeting
Spring 1991 Ice Bowl Tournament Results
Spring 1991 Fabulous World Records
Spring 1991 Membership Renewal Time
Summer 1991 Nebr. Flying Disc Championships
Summer 1991 Arnold’s Tavern Saves The Day Back Nine To Be Completed Soon
Summer 1991 New Course Record (19 on two rounds of the front 9)
Summer 1991 Happy Birthday Interstate Disc Course (1 year old)
Summer 1991 Disc Collectors
Summer 1991 String Broken
Summer 1991 LFDC Wins Award
Summer 1991 Disc Golf At Southcork
Summer 1991 LFDC Plants Trees
Summer 1991 Cornhusker Disc Golf Open (Star City Shoot-out)
Spring 1992 New Officers Elected
Spring 1992 So Sez The Prez
Spring 1992 Short Shots: Crazy John Aces, Roper Work Day, Upcoming Tournaments, League
Spring 1992 Dear Mr. Disc
Spring 1992 Ice Bowl 1992
Spring 1992 Bob’s World
Spring 1992 Goals For Course Improvements
Spring 1992 Chipmunk Heaven
Spring 1992 Jaycees Donation
Spring 1992 Membership Renewal Time
August 1992 Slezak Wins Open
August 1992 World Wide Success For The World’s Biggest
August 1992 So Sez The Prez
August 1992 Discs [Hole] In One
August 1992 The Fearless Four State Trio
August 1992 US Open Report
August 1992 Announcements: Fall Classic, B Placement on 3, Club Stamped Disc, NE Championship
August 1992 Disc Golf Grows In Nebraska (Camp Calvin Crest)
August 1992 Short Shots: Mighty Shunga Nunga, New Doubles Record [40]
August 1992 Omaha Course Planning [Seymour Smith]
August 1992 World’s Biggest Tournmanet Results [Botsford]
August 1992 Cornhusker Disc Golf Open [Star City Shoot-out] Results [Slezak]
August 1992 Believe it Or Not
Winter 1992 Jaycees To Donate Trees
Winter 1992 So Sez The Prez
Winter 1992 The Year in Disc Golf
Winter 1992 Meeting Announcement
Winter 1992 2nd Annual Cornhusker Disc Golf Open
Winter 1992 Short Shots: Albert at Worlds, A Real Trooper,
Winter 1992 Vandalism In Park [Tee signs 16(25) & 18(27)
Winter 1992 Financial Report [$705]
Winter 1992 Ice Bowl Weekend
Winter 1992 Dear Mr. Disc
Winter 1992 LFDC Receives KFOR/Gooch Foods Service Award
May 1993 Annual Club Meeting
May 1993 93 World’s Biggest
May 1993 So Sez The Prez
May 1993 The Johnson Bulletin Board
May 1993 Hot Season Sechedule
May 1993 Seymour Smith Park Disc Golf In Omaha [Installed]
May 1993 Club Membership
May 1993 Dave Installs Round Nine
May 1993 Membership Form

One Response to “The Flyer Archive – Past Newsletters”

  1. Kim Theesen February 22, 2013 at 8:57 pm #

    Thanks for posting these, Chiz. I’ve been wanting to get these archived and give a new perspective to our newer players. More will be coming soon.

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